Senior Session | Olivia

Kingsville, MD

I photographed Olivia at Jerusalem Mill a few weeks ago. I pass by Jerusalem Mill quite often. Over the weeks leading up to Olivia’s shoot, I scoped out different locations I planned to take photos during our time together. Early on, I spotted an awesome field that is set off a bit from the main attractions of Jerusalem Mill. It’s a field of tall grass surrounded in a perfect circle of trees. The light seemed to filter through the trees just right no matter what time of day I drove by.

I was so excited, I forgot to consider Olivia’s opinions about my dream location. It wasn’t until the day of the shoot that I started to worry. The possibility of ticks, snakes, and other creepy crawlies hiding in the tall grass was definitely a deterrent. It turns out, there was no need to worry. When I told Olivia my plan, she waded into the field no questions asked and she was even willing to sit! Thanks to Olivia’s easy going attitude, we were able to get some great shots. The photos in the field are my favorite from our shoot, and they even rank as some of my all time favorite!







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