Senior Session | Natalie

Annapolis, MD

I met Natalie and her mom, Laura, at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis a few weeks ago. It’s a beautiful park with a ton of great places to shoot photos which is probably why there were so many other photographers shooting there as well!

As we were leaving, Natalie’s mom mentioned that this isn’t really Natalie’s “thing” – the hair, makeup, and having her photo taken. I can relate, it wasn’t my “thing” in high school either. I was the girl who wore cut off men’s Dickies to school. However, I was surprised because Natalie was a total natural. She wasn’t shy in front of the camera at all. Although I hadn’t seen the photos yet, I knew they were going to be great!

Typically when I get home from a photo shoot, I usually run straight to my computer and start transferring the files. I do this for two reasons, first, to make sure that I have the photos stored and saved in a safe place, but also because I HAVE to see how they turned out. Because it’s often late, in the past I have tried to wait until the next day to look through photos, but it’s nearly impossible. When I don’t view them immediately, I spend the rest of the night distracted and antsy. Ultimately, my husband pauses the show we’re watching to say, “It’s okay, go look at the photos, I know you can’t concentrate.” I realize he’s right when we are half way through an episode and I have no idea what is going on.

When I first go through the photos, I’m mostly just skimming. I set aside a few early favorite images that will become sneak peeks. The night I looked through Natalie’s photos I caught myself repeatedly saying, “Ohhh, that’s pretty!” I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites to just a few. My thoughts from earlier that day were confirmed. She was definitely a natural and her photos turned out great!

Maybe this is Natalie’s “thing” after all!





This girl is gorgeous!



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