Senior Session | Brittney

Huntingtown, MD

I love, love, love, taking photos of family! Don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos in general, but it’s a completely different experience taking photos of someone you’ve known forever. Meet my cousin, Brittney! She just started her senior year at Huntingtown High School. A few weeks ago, we headed to Kings Landing Park in Huntingtown, to snap senior portraits. The park is beautiful and there are a ton of great locations to take photos, but on the day we met, it was HOT. It was so hot and humid my lens kept fogging up! Brittney didn’t complain once, she was a total pro!

During a session, to make sure I’m getting a good variety, I often ask the person/s I’m photographing to try a few shots with a serious expression…not everyone can do it. Me, I definitely can’t. First, it’s hard to look into the camera and keep a serious expression without smiling or laughing. Second, it’s even harder to do a serious expression without looking angry. I remember watching America’s Next Top Model in College with my roomates and wondering what the heck Tyra Banks was talking about when she would tell the contestants to smile with their eyes. “Smizing”, she called it. Now that I’ve taken, and edited, thousands of photos, I know what she was talking about. Brittney can “smize”! There were quite a few times during the session where I thought, “Whoa, this girl is hitting model status!” Check out the photos below to see for yourself!…


See what I’m talking about…Smizing!!!





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  1. Connie Miller says:

    These pictures are beautiful. Great job Megan and Brittney!


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