Senior Session | Curtis

Huntingtown, MD

Congratulations to my brother-in-law, Curtis! Today, he graduated from Huntingtown High School. A few weeks ago we visited our families in southern MD., and I was able to do a quick senior session with Curtis.

Usually when I do a photo session, it takes a little while for the subject to get warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera. This is especially true if it’s just one person. When I photograph a couple, they have each other to interact with and play off of. Going into the session, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Because we’re family, I thought Curtis might be a little extra uneasy posing for me. Well…I couldn’t have been more wrong! From the first shot, I could tell he was going to do great! It was perfect because we had a short amount of time to take photos. He definitely made my job easy!










I’ve known Curtis for about 13 years now. Most of the time, I still think of him as an adorable little kiddo who loved to tag along with his big brother…

photoKen (my husband) and Curtis – Summer of 2003

Congratulations Curtis!!! You’re a sweetheart, and I wish you all the best! I know you’ll be successful in whatever you choose to do!

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